⭐Ecosystem Development

Metchain has successfully achieved the development and integration of Layer 1 and Layer 2, establishing a robust proof-of-work mining consensus followed by the adoption of a proof-of-stake consensus. These layers serve as the bedrock of the ecosystem, allowing the blockchain to operate and progress into the next stage. The upcoming phase in Metchain’s development revolves around completing and integrating Layer 3, exploring the intricate realms of the metaverse. This pivotal phase is focused on reshaping the landscape of decentralized ecosystems. Metchain's forthcoming product suite will be intricately crafted and strategically tailored to address challenges such as interoperability prevalent in the metaverse, web3, and gaming industries. This suite will empower developers to integrate with other blockchains seamlessly, facilitating continued development and the realization of their metaverse visions. It embodies a fusion of innovative technologies and solutions, positioning Metchain at the forefront of blockchain ecosystems.

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