⛓️Blockchain Architecture

Metchain employs a three-layered blockchain architecture, integrating technologies to meet evolving blockchain demands. The core consensus utilizes the Kheavyhash algorithm, featuring the implementation of Phantom Metchain block validation protocol provides a highly efficient and robust security foundation. The second layer implements Metchain’s scaling mechanisms. This layer introduces Non-Fungible Token (NFT) staking, utilizing the 500 genesis NFT’s as validator nodes for the blockchain whilst staked. This offers a unique way to contribute to network security and gain associated financial incentives. Layer 3 will host the creation of the metaverse platform, a world created by inspired developers enabled by cross-chain Dapp development connections across diverse blockchain ecosystems. The metaverse will enable users to interact with the created worlds in a user-centric platform, set to overcome traditional blockchain limitations in the metaverse, web3, and gaming industries.

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