🧊Mining Proof of Work

The mining of Metchain on layer one facilitates primary blockchain consensus and therefore miners will be rewarded in MET for their work. The miners will be free to allocate assets as they see fit, be it exchanging, staking, holding or for use within the metaverse. The emissions schedule [as above] will provide miners with a total fixed annual emission of 3.65million coins. Metchain’s proof of work mining is built upon the phantom Metchain consensus mechanism. The consensus utilizes three phase block topologies to provide accurate block consensus from multiple miners thus increasing the network security and validity of the true blockchain. This is achieved by cycling through high frequency blocks [Mini blocks] for 12 intervals. These blocks are then collated, referenced and validated in the generation of the Mega block that occurs every 13th block. This pattern proceeds until the 66th block when all previous blocks are then again collated to produce a MET block at which point the cycle restarts. The differing blocks reward miners, accordingly, which are broken down below.

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