The main asset in Metchain's financial ecosystem is its native coin [MET]. With a tokenomic design focused on sustainable annual emissions, Metchain aims to avoid early-stage devaluation concurrent with other early-stage coin releases. The value of MET is expected to rapidly appreciate with the growth of the community, compounded by impact from the NFT POS mechanism increasing the total-value locked (TVL) on the Metchain network.

This unique approach to native coin value, positions MET as a key driver of the overall ecosystem's financial appreciation. Metchain’s [MET] coin has a total supply of 1 billion coins. The currently mined supply is 32.2million which equates to 3.2% and breaks down in relation to maximum coin supply as such: 1.2% user holdings, 1% developer fund, 1% exchange and marketing fund.

The annual coin emissions consist of a fixed mining rewards schedule of 3.65 million coins. The POS maintains a sustainable variable staking emission. This is based on the annual percentage yield [APY] [Outlined in the staking structure: see section xx]. The blockchains staking emissions will is calculated on the total MET coins staked and the vesting agreement which is annualized and ranges from 1% to 11% APY.

This dual emission system enables consistent mining and staggered staking emission injection into the ecosystem. This design aims to provide a sustainable coin circulating supply and promote a balanced incentive for miner’s and staker’s rewards alike. The Circulating supply inflation for year one is calculated to be 5.5million coins or a 17% increase on current circulating supply and a 0.55% emission of maximum supply. Metchain’s financial ecosystem offers fixed transaction fees that are set to 0.00025% of transaction volume.

The mining emissions are currently set with no halving schedule to maintain sustainability of mining throughout Metchain’s emissions life cycle. upon full completion of the schedule, miners will be rewarded to upkeep the primary consensus and will be funded by the network transaction fees. This fee structure ensures a sustainably functional ecosystem whilst factoring in the wide range of transaction sizes both within general transactions and micro-transactions within the metaverse.

7.1 Fund Allocations:

Metchain's use of treasury funds are allocated as follows in the context of maximum supply. Development fund 1% of which will be strictly used only for the purpose of future development of the blockchain ecosystem. Marketing and exchange allocated 1% for the sole purpose of achieving marketing and exchange listing goals. Transaction fees will be allocated to support the ecosystem and build a treasury balance for future stability and continuity.

7.2 Transactions:

MET is the native coin of Metchain, MET is utilized to reward stake holders and miners for their network contributions within the ecosystem. MET is a tradable asset within the ecosystem, cross-chain and exchangeable between other crypto asset pairs both within the Metchain exchange and third-party exchanges. Upon the completion and launch of layer 3's metaverse, MET will facilitate payment for inDapp goods and services. The ecosystem's transaction fees as above are set to 0.00025% of the transaction volume.

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